A Brief Prelude


When I was young, I would wander the nocturnal streets of a dessert town. It was during that time, listening to alternative music and gathering angst, gazing at the cosmos revolving above me, that I learned the secrets to life, which do not bare telling here. Shortly thereafter, I went into the world. This is my account.

Being a professor, I may not write regularly. I may be busy writing dissertations, as my hands seize and my paper is splattered with the blackest coffee. I may be falling into the tentacled, strob-lighted nothingness that is my own perceived reality. I may even be inventing a new sex position, the likes of which my friends at the Vatican would be blinded by. That being said, I will plan to write a new post weekly.

I fucking swear a lot, I write about my experiences with drugs and sex, and I generally don’t give a shit. I operate on the idea that if you’re nice to me, I’ll treat you with minimal contempt. This blog will describe my adventures, hopefully with a decent amount of hyperbole and sarcasm.


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