My Internet’s all rainbow-colored so I guess I should write something


So, I’m not sure what to say honestly.


First off, cool, I guess. Good on the United States for finally starting to get its shit together regarding the whole putting federal chastity belts on everyone. I am glad for all couples who have sought to marry and now have that opportunity. I wish them well; let it be known that I do think this is a step forward.

However, I have other opinions on the matter. Let me tell a story.

Today, I heard a couple of people talking about the ruling. One guy said:

“Well, hopefully the gays can all just get along now.”

[May not be verbatim; it was heard with an ear filled with radical fury]

No. What the fuck does that even mean?

This is not the end of the battle. We have so much more to do. Especially if conforming to such a bullshit institution as marriage is considered an all-encompassing win.

I cannot support a stance in which the Supreme Court ruling is a good thing because it has the potential for propagating passive, hetero-normative queer politics.

“Radical Queer Will Not Assimilate”.

Drink up your champagne, but tomorrow, we have more work to do.